Recipe: Einkorn meatballs

einkorn meatballs

Recipe: Einkorn meatballs ingredients: 300 gr einkorn; 0.5 kg potatoes; 2 carrots; 1 piece of onion (or green onion); 2 eggs; Oil, Salt, Savory, Dill, Cumin powder. Boil the einkorn good. In parallel you could boil the potatoes. Also the carrots have to be boiled. Drain the

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Einkorn flour

25 kilos of einkorn

At APK slavey we control the entire process from planting to harvesting and from peeling to the finished product! We are proud to offer you whole Einkorn wheat flour in packages of 1 and 25 kilos. From seeds for organic production, ecological clean, with certificate of origin

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Why Einkorn?

Why Einkorn? We proudly introduce to you einkorn, the world’s oldest wheat. Einkorn (also called einkorn wheat, einkorn, with the Latin name Triticum monococcum) is one of the earliest cultivated wheat, it is seen as the ancestor of emmer wheat, spelt and common wheat. Einkorn is a

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