We produce only the best quality of wheat that we cultivate on our land in the North East of Bulgaria in the Danube region.

We produce two types of wheat: hard grain for bread and soft grain for animal feed.

Einkorn, one of our top products!

Einkorn, one of our top products!
The Einkorn is one of the first cereals used in agriculture, wich started 10.000 years ago.
APK Slavey is proud to offer you Einkorn, which is a delicious, healthy alternative to modern, mass market wheat.

A pure nutritious and wonderful way to improve your health and wellness.

 Double Vitamin A     

Most ancient wheat     

Never hybridized     

Healthy form of gluten     

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Corn bulgaria


APK Slavey produces high quality Corn that is mainly used for animal feed.


APK Slavey has been producing high quality sunflower seeds that are used for both sunflower oil and Biodiesel. For more information on our sunflower seeds, please contact us.

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Einkorn (7)


Rye improves blood-sugar control compared to wheat. It is also high in magnesium, which helps control blood pressure and optimize cardio-vascular health. Its high levels of soluble fiber help reduce cholesterol and improve gut function.

For more information on our quality and volume of Rye this year, please contact us!


The alfalfa we produce is mainly used by local farmers to feed their livestock. But the main reason we produce alfalfa on our fields is that it is a natural, biologic way of fertilizing the ground that revitalizes the soil.