Being passionate about farming and clean food, we founded APK SLAVEY in 2011. In the first year we started with only 5 hectares (50 ares), we now develop more than 300 hectares (3000 ares) in North-West Bulgaria.

Quality at all levels is the foundation of our company.

That is why we work with only highly qualified and motivated staff and with the best quality agricultural machinery for the various activities.

We produce only the best quality of products and every year we grow wheat, sunflower, rye, alfalfa and einkorn. We are one of the biggest producers of einkorn in Bulgaria and we are very proud of this product, nature’s original wheat.

Clean and nutritious food is one of the elements of quality in life and it is very important to us that our products are top quality. We are a small family-owned company and we want to continue what we love to do for many years to come.

If you want to know more about one of our products, please contact us.